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We have packed OpenBay Pro with features that will make your life easier and your OpenCart store more profitable.

Main Features

Import Frequency

This is how often our systems automatically check for new orders on your eBay account, once a new order is found we will send it to your store. When an order is sent to your store it will then update your stock levels.

Products Sold Per Month

This is the maximum number of product transactions you can sell on the plan over a 30 day period. A sold item is per listing, a user can buy as many items of the same listing and it will always only count as 1 product sold. For example; buyer xyz buys 10 widgets from the same listing = 1 sale buyer abc buys 3 widgets and 4 widgets from separate listings = 2 sales

Linked Items

Are the number of eBay listings you have linked to your products in your OpenCart store. A link is required for each item you want to stock control, when an order is imported the items are checked for the linked items to your OpenCart products

HTML Templates

Build your descriptions, insert product videos, links to customer reviews, and endless possibilities for your items. HTML templates are an amazing way to make your listings look more professional by using a standard layout, your brand colours, logos and more. The templates also support tags which allow you to dynamically create almost any information you want in the listing description.


Importing your eBay listings into your OpenCart store is a perfect way to automatically populate your store with information you have already spent time doing when listing in eBay – no need to repeat the process again! Importing will bring in all items you have (excluding those you have already linked to ensure you don’t get duplicate items in your OpenCart store). You can also choose to import the categories from eBay too – allowing you to build a category structure for where the products should be found in your store too. There is also the option to import advanced data such as the product weight, dimensions and more if you have this information in the eBay listing already.

Bulk Uploading

For eBay users it is a great time saver! There are even 2 ways to bulk upload items; by choosing select products you want to list or by choosing an entire OpenCart category (or multiple categories at once!). Bulk listing utilises the power of pre-defined profiles you set up (such as shipping, payment, template profiles) – you may have a different style of template for products or even different shipping rates, all you need to do is choose the correct profile for that product.

Instant Updates

Are for more stock-conscious sellers, where it is very important to get stock updates/sales quickly to prevent over selling. Although our systems will still automatically check for new orders (frequency varies per plan), the instant updates will send most updates about an order on eBay within a few seconds of the sale.

To see a full breakdown of our features please visit our Plans & Pricing Page.

Features & Pricing

All Features


Like most ecommerce retailers, you may have already created the perfect description, add the perfect image and revised your pricing to be competitive in your market. So there is never a more monotonous task than rewriting the same information again, our module allows ebay and amazon integration!


To update your stock levels on eBay is as simple as changing your OpenCart stock level. Once your items are linked any changes to your OpenCart stock levels are immediately reflected to eBay. So if you sell an item on your store or receive more stock and update through the admin area, it’s immediately sent to eBay, keeping things in sync.


Your OpenCart eBay link is totally separate, meaning that you can have a separate; price, title and description even a different set of images. The only elements that are kept in sync are your stock levels. This allows you to run totally isolated marketing on your OpenCart products without worrying that the description contains information that is not relevant to eBay.


Choose to send emails to eBay customers when they buy – help with cross selling and promotion of your store. Discount codes could be offered to entice buyers back to your store so you save on eBay fees and retain a new loyal customer.


Our API is powered by top of the range Dell R210 II servers featuring 32GB RAM and solid state hard drives to ensure performance and reliability even during peak seasons. Our servers are also connected using a 1 gigabit network connection to ensure plenty of bandwidth allowance.


OpenBay Pro is an eBay certified application, meaning that we have been tested by eBay developers and interviewed to ensure that our client data is secure, used in an optimised way and that it conforms to all eBay application regulations.


Every company has a set of colours, fonts and artwork that matches their brand – no matter how big or small the corporation. With OpenBay Pro you can create custom HTML templates (or purchase an off the shelf pre-made one, or even have us create a completely custom one for you!), this will give your listings the edge they need to stand out from the competition and reassure buyers that you’re a serious and professional seller.


eBay product variations is a recent feature introduced by eBay allowing buyers to select variations of a product such as size or colour (very helpful for fashion retailers!). Our eBay integration handles this feature and makes managing your inventory of eBay options really easy.


This reduces the risk of stock over selling, one of the biggest problems for a multi-platform trader. As soon as your buyer places an order, eBay notifies our API within seconds that a transaction has happened and your product stock level is immediately updated. This feature is available on higher paid plans.


Choose where you want to import new eBay customers such as into a separate customer group. This will allow you run marketing campaigns targeted at more specific demographics.


Regular backups of the API platform and API database are taken to reduce the risk of outages and allow for quick re-deployment if needed. Our backup solution ensures that we can deploy to a new machine or even a new datacentre within a few clicks to improve recovery times in the event of a disaster.


Pre-set options for payment details, shipping and returns – saves you time when creating a listing.


Giving you the ability to import all of your products direct from eBay ensures that you have your store set up in no time. Perfect for new ecommerce retailers who have an eBay shop but don’t have an ecommerce store.


If you already have an OpenCart store and also an eBay store then it’s likely you have products that just need to be linked together so you can manage a single stock (rather than updating eBay stock levels and updating your OpenCart separate). You can view your linked items and unlinked items from the easy management screen, it will also give you error reports such as stock errors or if the link is no longer valid if the product has ended on eBay.


Orders are imported up to every 15 minutes direct to your store. Although stock can be allocated instantly, order information can take a while to become available on eBay – that’s why our systems check eBay regularly and then send over the data to your store. Order management is a key feature of OpenBay Pro – allowing sellers to see eBay orders within their OpenCart store.


OpenBay Pro currently supports ALL eBay market places. If you are selling on a market that isn't currently supported due to eBay recently adding it please contact our support team as we may be able to set it up. More information on our supported market places can be found here.


All of our API software is version controlled and is only rolled out when extensively tested on local, isolated systems to ensure that bugs are squashed prior to being deployed to a live environment.

Plans & Pricing

So how much will this all cost you? The honest answer is that it depends on how many products you have and the features you want. We are extremely competitive and this multi marketplace platform is extremely cost effective. See which plan is best for you

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