Amazon EU, Amazon US, eBay and Etsy integration for OpenCart.

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what is openbay pro

The essential multi marketplace solution.

OpenBay Pro combines the power of Amazon EU, Amazon US, eBay and Etsy with your OpenCart store, providing a singular location for managing your products and monitoring your orders across all the platforms.

how it works

OpenBay Pro uses secure API integrations.

OpenBay Pro allows the seamless link between your store and the powerful marketplaces of Amazon EU, Amazon US, eBay and Etsy. All you need to do is, set up the relevant accounts on the different marketplaces and then click to list your products. Your orders and stock levels will automatically be synced with your OpenCart store!

why you need it

OpenBay Pro has been proven to increase your online sales.

The concept is very simple. The more exposure your products have online, the more chance of them selling and as a result the more sales you make. With this multi marketplace integration tool, your products don’t just get listed on the one site, they get listed on four sites. The increase in exposure will certainly increase your product awareness and generate more sales. In addition, the amount of traffic and exposure that Amazon EU, Amazon US, eBay and Etsy can offer is incredible and certainly an essential resource when running your OpenCart store.

Time Saver

Time is money in the ecommerce industry.

We have developed this multi marketplace platform with efficiency in mind. Why spend all your time on Amazon EU, Amazon US, eBay and Etsy listing the products over and over again, repeating the work. Simply list it once on OpenCart and then push these products to the platforms. With simple 2 click listings, it has never been easier to list your products on these marketplaces.

User Documentation

Need more information?

You can either get in touch and we will explain all the benefits OpenBay Pro has to offer. Alternatively, have a look at our documentation here, or on our youtube channel.

Great Support

Don't worry, you're not alone.

We are here to help you through every step. Whether it be installation, setup or using the multi marketplace platform, just get in touch and we will support you through it. Visit our support site for help.

Plans & Pricing

So how much will this all cost you? The honest answer is that it depends on how many products you have and the features you want. We are extremely competitive and this multi marketplace platform is extremely cost effective. See which plan is best for you

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